CAMELOT is a leading partner for IT solutions in the fields of finance & insurance. CAMELOT offers a wide range of high quality software for its national and international clients tailored to their size and market needs.


  • Avalon

    Insurance contracts often run for a lifetime and thus our requirements differ from other businesses in that we must keep most documents 'forever'. Documents are archived in Avalon. We process thousands of incoming and outgoing documents each day and provide a 360° view on the archive for any stakeholder.

  • Backoffice

    Our systems manage policies and their related services for millions of customers. These are mostly automated and only need to be monitored by the administrative staff.

  • Banking integration

    We provide access to insurance products for banking customers both online and via the teller at the bank. This includes new sales as well as providing detailed information for existing portfolios.

  • Data Warehouse

    We use standard industry solutions combined with individual solutions to manage the data warehouses for our clients.

  • Documents

    It is essential to provide good documents that are always consistent even if multiple applications are involved in their creation. They might be the only contact to the customer if the product is sold through a broker or the banking channel. Our system completely automates the delivery of electronic and paper documents.

  • Insurance Math

    We provide a highly performant framework so insurance specialists can design and build new products that meet business and regulatory requirements. This is an interesting field as contracts are based on multiple input variables and often include performance forecasts for multiple scenarios over 20+ years that must be calculated in milliseconds.

  • Point of sales

    Customers demand individual solutions for their requirements. Our solutions help the agent assess the needs of the customer, calculate all needed and available scenarios and allow him to quickly create offers, applications and even policies. All regulatory requirements are automatically documented.

  • Portals

    End users are given easy to use self-service portals where they can manage their contracts and documents. Agents work on portals that use the same technology but are given different access options or applications that connect to backend systems. Brokers and partner companies can access the data for their clients.

  • B2B

    Business to business solutions allow us to design workflows that cross company boundaries. Our partners are given access to services that they can directly integrate into their applications.

  • Merlin

    Administrative staff can leave boring and repetitive tasks to our automated systems. Merlin is a workflow management solution that executes predefined processes automatically with all dependencies and prerequisites and thus only requires user intervention if an automated check fails.


We are CAMELOT, with teams in Vienna and Villach,
working for clients in the banking and insurance sector.

  • 1 Company
  • 2 Locations
  • 7 Nationalities
  • 50+ Employees
  • 1,024+ Projects
  • 222+ Logs/day

Working at different locations, in different teams with different employees, different ideas leading to different solutions. It's diversity what makes CAMELOT and our software great. We don't stick to one technology either but strive to use the right tool and language for the job.

Open Jobs

CAMELOT is always looking for motivated and skilled IT experts. We do offer benefits above industry standards, vision and culture, autonomy and flexibility, continuity and space to develop and grow. Curious or interested, looking for an internship or job? Contact us!